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ROQadhesive ALL OVER


ROQadhesive ALL OVER

  • Allows printing in the whole textile (allover print), sleeves included
  • 15 liter/4 US gallon deposit
  • Always a uniform spray using only compressed air
  • Extremely low maintenance
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Product Description

ROQadhesive ALL OVER – your new solution

The ROQadhesive ALL OVER was created by ROQ to attend to a very specific need. This need was identified in different points of the world and by that time we didn’t had a satisfying answer. We had several customers and partners that wanted to do a very specific type of printing. We called it the All Over printing. This type of printing is done in an already finished clothing piece (t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc.). The print will not be only on chest or the back area, but it will also be present in the sleeves and the collar. In the end it will be All Over the clothing piece.

This type of job is extremely difficult because of the fact that the sleeves need to lay on the pallet for printing. That being said it implies that the piece of clothing cannot be “dressed” on the pallet as usual. If it is just laid upon the pallet, when the squeegee preforms its movement the top fabric will move because only the back of the piece is glued onto the pallet.

The solution found for this is to glue the back and the front of the clothing piece together so that the registration keeps being perfect. This way the fabric does not nudge when the squeegee prints.

The ROQadhesive All Over uses a pressurized tank and the adhesive nebulization is done using a compressed air system. This trait in conjunction with the nozzles and the adjustable arms allows for the adhesive to be pulverized evenly with the maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

The user has absolute control over the whole operation by using a foot pedal to activate the adhesive spraying. The pressurized tank as a 15 liter capacity (4 US gallons) that allows to pulverize 2000 t-shirts in a row. The tank is extremely easy to handle and as a special system for depressurization. Regarding maintenance the ALL OVER just needs cleaning once in a while keeping an exceptional performance.

This is the ROQadhesive All Over: fast, easy, with a residual cost and super practical. The ROQadhesive All Over is a tool that will allow you to make jobs that today you can’t accept. This will increase the services your print shop can provide. Making your operation more versatile and competitive.




ROQadhesive ALLOVER  
[A] length - mm (inch) 1400 (55.1")
[B] height - mm (inch) 1445 (56.9")
[C] maximum width - mm (inch) 600 (23.6")
the distance between the clamping arms - mm (inch) 300 to 555 (11.8" to 21.9")
weight - kg (lb) 42 (93)
maximum consumption - (kVA) 0.06
compressed air consumption - l/min (cfm) 120


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