ISS Fort Worth 2016
October 4, 2016 Events, Featured, News No Comments

ROQ + Ryonet again in ISS Fort Worth 2016

How could we not? The ISS Fort Worth 2016 is one of the most important shows of the southwest regarding decorated apparel and imprinted products. On this area ROQ had to be present. It’s such an important market for us and our partner Ryonet, this is also a tradeshow with over 10 years of solid reputation that it made all the sense for us to comeback and feel the warmth of this audience when we show our automatic screen printing machines.

To keep on making an impression, as we do every year, we are bringing two different automatic screen printing machines. A ROQ YOU with 8 pallets and 6 printing heads accompanied with a ROQdry ECO 9000. This is our entry model that is a powerhouse of an automatic screen printing machine. It can boost over 1000 pieces per hour with an astounding reliability and consistency. We just updated our line of YOU and now it goes from the smaller with 8 pallets up to the new ROQ YOU XL with 22 pallets.  With the same productivity the amount of options you have with a 22 pallets are huge. There are almost no limits.

With the ROQ YOU we are also bringing a ROQ ECO with 12 pallets and 8 print heads. A bit bigger than the YOU we are presenting this is one of the most popular machines/configurations for the US market. The ECO has independent elevation of each print head. This feature allows for a much more streamlined work when using the ROQpress Foil or the ROQFlock or any other like the ROQpress IRON as per an example. Able to boost over 1300 pieces an hour the ECO is an automatic screen printing machine that will answer all your questions and solve your production problems. Quality, speed, low maintenance and filled with the latest innovations.

The best way for you to update yourself on our technology or for you to come and meet us and the best automatic screen printing machines is to show up at booth 931 in the Fort Worth Convention Center from the 6th up to the 8th of October for the greatest ISS Fort Worth 2016 ever!

Written by ROQ