ISS Long Beach 2019 is going to be unique


ROQ+Ryonet are bringing the latest technology in screen-printing. The ISS Innovation Zone could not resist to the ROQprint YOU with 8 pallets and 6 colors (M). You will find it there in display.

In the ROQ+Ryonet booth, the printers will find the answers they have been looking for. If you don’t believe us, visit the booth #3001!

You will be able to experience live demonstrations of every machine.



ROQprint YOUA ROQprint YOU with 10 pallets and 6 colours is on display. This is a super solid solution for any printer. With the traditional quality of construction from ROQ it creates high end quality prints.

The newest carousel from ROQ is making its debut. The ROQprint NEXT brings out the latest technology in screen-printing. The main traits are: registration, quality,


versatility, XL printing area (20”x28”) and speed boosting 1200 piecers/hour. The ROQprint NEXT at the ISS Long Beach 2019 has 12 pallets and 8 colors.

ROQprint ECO

The flagship carousel automatic screen-printing machine from ROQ is also present. The ROQprint ECO at the show has 16 pallets and 12 colours. The ROQprint ECO is the pinnacle of quality and efficiency with a perfect registration allowing for printing areas up to 3XL (31.5”x43.3”).These are supported by an electric ROQtunnel to cure all the garments that are printed in the different live demonstrations.

Fold & Pack


After curing you will need to pack. For that ROQ brought to the ISS Long Beach 2019 a complete line for folding and packing garments. In the booth #3001 you will find theroqfoldpackjpg

ROQ FOLD, the ROQ PACK and the new ROQ LABEL P&A to finalize the production process.

This is a complete setup for any screen-printer but ROQ loves to push the boundaries.

Digital printing (DTG)


To stop the show at the ISS Long Beach 2019, ROQ is unfolding for the first time its new DTG machine, the ROQprint NOW. The ROQprint NOW is a fully automatic pure DTG. ROQ fused its knowledge from the oval screen-printing machines and digital printing technology to create the NOW. It boosts 300 pieces per hour. The finishing is unparalleled by any other machine in the market due to the pressing and other processes executed during the printing. The 300 pieces per hour are only possible because it makes multiple print. This DTG is the perfect solution for the web to print market.

Come and request a live demonstration and a personal introduction to any product in booth #3001.

Curious about the power of the ROQprint NEXT


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