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The following testimony was made by Joel Taylor

Joel is from PSI Screen Printing in Australia. Joel posted this originally in Facebook. We read it and loved it. Joel granted us permission to share it with the world and here we are.


Hey guys…I just thought I’d share our ROQ story from down here in Australia. (Turned out to be longer than I thought) smile emoticon

So in Jan 2013 I packed my bags and headed off to ISS Long Beach to buy a new press.

During the show I was pretty much settled on my choice (a nice royal blue press) and was chatting with the Shur-Loc guys at their booth when I heard an English accent from behind ask me where I was from.

Once I explained who I was and why I was there he asked me if I had checked out the S.Roque machine at the Ryonet booth. I said no and Larry shook his head.

He promptly whisked me off to have a look. As we walked he explained that he had used most of the big name presses in his big shop in Toronto and these S.Roque machines were the best he’d ever seen.

I was a little dubious.

Whilst I was a Ryonet customer, (thats right…shipping supplies halfway across the world) I didn’t take them seriously as a professional high end press. I hadn’t heard of the brand and they were bright green…just a toy machine I thought.

We arrived at the booth and Larry introduced me to João. He showed me the ECO and I was really impressed with the machine and realised they weren’t just toys after all.

So now I was torn…I had chosen a company that had local dealers and support and a track record in this country…but I was really impressed with this S.Roque company albeit the press would be on the other side of the world with no dealer, no local support and almost completely opposite business hours.

So I headed home more confused than when I arrived.

Now, as a company, it is not part of our culture to just go with the safest easiest option. We don’t do it with our marketing and we don’t do it with the type of jobs we agree to take on, so why should we do it with the largest investment our business has ever made…Right?

So I bit the bullet and decided to get the ROQ press.

Job done…get finance approved, place the order, manufacture, shipping and then installation 10-14 weeks later…yeah?….Ummm….NOPE!!!

This was March 2013. I didn’t take delivery of my press and tunnel until September 2015.

The major hurdle was getting finance sorted. It turns out that getting finance approved, for equipment that hasn’t yet been made, on the other side of the world, is a little difficult.

So two and a half years later our press arrived. Installation time lapse here –

So now the nail biting starts. Do the theoretical efficiencies touted during the sales process really manifest during standard day to day operation?…or was this exercise a waste of 2.5 years of my life and a $200K flop?

Well six months down the track here are the numbers we have tracked…

We have been able to streamline our team and are saving $74,265.56 in production wages this year.

We used to run 2 x 20+ year old electric tunnels and utilities were $24,000 a year. Since installing the new press and natural gas tunnel that has decreased by $11,000 a year.

We used to only run about 30% of our work on the automatic press and ran 2 manual presses full time. We now do 80% of our work on the ROQ with no change in the pcs per order which averages out to 74 pcs.

We are only currently running the press with 1 operator so conservatively probably only running at 70% capacity, plus the manual press only operating at 20% capacity. This results in a far less stressful environment but also heaps of room to increase “contract” work with no increase in wages.

Our repairs and maintenance costs on our old equipment were $16,584 last year and to date we haven’t spent a cent on the new equipment.

Add all those numbers up!

Safe to say we are VERY happy ROQ owners, and are now reaping the massive rewards of taking a risk and doing business outside the box.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here…but thought I’d share anyway.

Talk soon!!


Thank you Joel!



Written by ROQ