ISS Atlantic City
March 17, 2016 Events, Featured, News No Comments

ISS Atlantic City starts today!

ISS Atlantic City once more ROQ and Ryonet and Green Galaxy will attend this fantastic show. The tradeshow will go on from today, the 17th up to the 19th at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

We are taking to the show an automatic screen printing machine ROQPrint YOU with 10 pallets and 7 printing heads. We are also taking one ROQdry EVOLUTION, one of our best flash units. We are going to do a wet on wet job using 4 colors on grey shirts. But the best experience you can get is to visit us at our booth (307) and check it out for yourself. It is very hard to explain by words such process. The ROQPrint YOU working is something to be seen, heard and felt. It is super silent and fast. It can output a 1000 shirts per hour. It is a platform that it can range from 10 to 22 pallets and from 1 to 20 print heads. We have been innovating this platform for the last 30 years. This iteration of the platform is stunning. Beautiful, sexy, silent, never ever loses registry it is quite a sight to see it working. On top of all of this the engineering used in it allows that all this durability and robustness is achieved with minimum maintenance. These automatic screen printing machines are made to print. That is why we are inviting you to come to our stand. We will be doing live demonstrations and giving out t-shirts with this fantastic print design.

This is only a demonstration of the capabilities of our automatic screen printing machine ROQPress YOU. If you able to come to our booth (307) at the ISS Atlantic City and you have any question our team and Ryonet team will be on the spot to answer any question that you might have.

Written by ROQ