May 18, 2015 Events, Featured, News No Comments

It has begun! ROQ is at FESPA in Cologne showing the ROQprint Oval Evolution P20 C08. We will also be showing a dryer ROQtunnel 3009 E. As we are talking about one of the greatest tradeshows in the world regarding screenprinting we had to create and bring to FESPA something very special. You will be able to see our Oval Evolution produce a 3 color, 2 flock and 2 foil screenprint. We will be using one ROQpress Foil (applying 2 colors at the same time) and 2 ROQflock.

This is an experience to be seen and felt. The precision of the two flock colors together, the 2 foils, and the harmony of the whole work of art produced by our ROQprint Oval Evolution.

Come and witness the perfect registration of our ovals, the silent work, and the relentless quality in every t-shirt.

Written by ROQ