16 Years of innovation.

If you want to represent 16 years of hard innovation, how do you do it?

ROQ is all about quality boosted by innovation. As we are, every year, incorporating innovations and design evolutions sometimes there is the temptation of looking only for today and tomorrow.

But ROQ was still known as S. Roque in 2000 when we sold our first oval screen printing machine. We made a video about this machine. In terms of its essence it is a ROQ machine, no doubt. It’s still working today with the same flawless precision it had 16 years ago. We made a video about it, find it HERE. It boost quality, durability, precision and by 2000 standards it brought the most important innovation ever for an oval screen printing machines. Due to its new rotation system it was the first oval screen printing machine capable of maintaining registry like a circular automatic screen printing machine.

But this was 16 years ago. How are we building oval screen printing machines today?

Well we are above all being faithful to our principles. Our machines are still built with top quality aiming for durability and precision and as previously stated we inject innovation several times a year.

Today we run two lines of oval screen printing machines, the ROQPrint Oval Pro and the ROQPrint Oval Evolution. They still use the same color pallet as the oval screen printing machine from 2000 but it is very hard to compare the functions. The base, the work they produce is in both cases of great quality but the today machines are a lot more versatile and faster. Easier to work with and with a ton more of functions. We have customers running 4 jobs at the same time in a ROQPrint Oval Evolution and this is as simple as configuring everything from the central console. We have developed several modules to automatically apply foil and flock. Today it is easier and faster to work with any ROQ machines but the quality, the quality is the same.

Better than words, CHECK THIS VIDEO and see what 16 years of innovation can do to this oval screen printing machine!

Written by ROQ