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 “I immediately fell in love with how easy and user friendly the machine is. Also, the free wine wasn’t a bad touch.”


Guru Ink machine: ROQ XL 10 Color

  • Client: Guru Ink
  • Location: Medford, Oregon

My business, Guru Ink, started in 2007 out of my parents’ garage. I went from a single color press I bought from Ryonet®, to a four color Ebay press, to a four color Riley Hopkins® press, followed by a six color Riley Hopkins® press, and the last press prior to the ROQ was an eight color M&R® Diamondback.

During this growth period, I’ve also moved between multiple locations in the area and am now in a 10,000 sq ft building. Now at Guru Ink we not only run a successful screen printing business but also a widely successful clothing brand Anthem Made that we launched last year with our friend Kellin Quinn, the lead singer from the Sleeping With Sirens. With previous equipment, my business felt very limited by the available print size and the lack of innovation.

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine?

I was attracted to the ROQ because of its print stroke size, the amount of shirts that can be screen printed per hour. I’d be lying if I didn’t think the machine was sexy looking.

Which machine did you decide on and why?

The XL 10 color ROQ.

When you first got your new machine, what was the first thing you fell in love with?

I immediately fell in love with how easy and user friendly the machine is. Also, the free wine

wasn’t a bad touch.

How has ROQ changed your business or life?

We are now able to output shirts almost twice as fast as before. Faster screen printing means we can take on bigger jobs and more customers than in the past, so naturally we’re able to make more money in a shorter time span.

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ, what advice would you give them?

When your company is busting at the seams and your production can’t keep up with the amount of work you need to get done or bottlenecking in the output stage… it’s time to ROQ.

Testimony collected by: Ryonet

Written by ROQ