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Forward Printing: ROQ Eco XL & YOU XL

  • Client: Forward Printing
  • Location: San Francisco, California

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine?

Our production manager had been following ROQ for a few years before they became readily available in the US, drooling over YouTube videos. Once we saw one in action at a trade show we were sold. The engineering of the machine was very impressive and the almost non-existent pallet deflection was a big selling point for us. Quick pallet changeover is also very important to us. Very quiet operation, excellent laser alignment, independent print heads up, individual off contact, the list goes on…

Which machine did you decide on and why?

We loved them so much we got an ECO XL and a YOU XL! We wanted the ECO so that we could print higher color counts on a 14 head machine and we decided on the YOU since it was also an extremely solid workhorse machine that wouldn’t break the bank.

When you first got your new machine, what was the first thing you fell in love with?

I’ve gotta admit, the “send-a-pallet-to-the -print-head-of-your-choice” feature is pretty awesome and I’ve yet to see that on another machine.

How has ROQ changed your business or life?

ROQ has put us seriously in debt. Ha! Seriously though, the quality and stability of the machine has sent our already high quality standards through the roof and reduced setup times. Not much more to ask for in a press! We started in 2004, printing on a decent manual press for close to four years before moving up to an auto. Our first large press was an MHM E-Type. We loved this machine and did great work on it for four and a half years. We did experience frustration over not getting the service that we wanted in addition to the limited print area and noticeable pallet deflection. Doing mostly high end work, we realized that we’d need to consider alternate presses when the time came…

Testimony collected by: Ryonet

Written by ROQ