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When in 1979 Mr. Manuel Sá settled on his own, occupying the garage at the house of a relative, in the place of S. Roque (Parish of Riba de Ave - Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão), he started a company dedicated to providing all kinds of services relating to mechanical metal works. He immediately focused its activities in the region's textile companies, where equipment maintenance, almost entirely imported, provided a labor market with many opportunities. 
In November 1983, together with Mr. Joaquim Sá, a private limited company is created with capital of 1 million escudos and two jobs, being assigned the name of "Serralharia Mecânica S. Roque Lda.".

While the core business of the company remained to be the provision of services, in 1984 the company created its first automatic circular screen printing machine.
Since then he devoted himself to the creation and manufacture of these machines, definitely marking the company's evolution. At the same time also started the manufacture of thermofixation tunnel dryers. Their growth year after year led to a progressive increase in the number of employees as well as the need for the company to find a space to fit the new reality.

In the early nineties, S. Roque changed facilities to Oliveira S.Mateus - in the same municipality. Without denying the progress of their equipment for the printing, creates a new line of products - machines for automation of the packaging industry. Simultaneously, in search of new markets, the company began promoting its equipment through its participation in exhibitions.


In 2001 comes the division of the laser, with the designation of "Roqlaser" whose purpose is the manufacture of metal parts, using cutting edge technology in area of laser cutting, bending and welding.

Since 2004, S.Roque is having a steep evolution in financial, technological and human resources, able to operate in a market increasingly competitive. Invested in building new halls, purchasing of new equipment and hiring of specialized manpower, in order to continue to monitor an increasingly more demanding market.

In the field of textile printing, the company develops automatic screen machines and production auxiliary machines, available in different ranges and different productive capacities. In packaging, develop and deliver machines with different production capacities for different market segments, all consistent with the printing machines produced.

Today we are present on five continents and continue to be a dynamic and innovative company that strives to constantly develop new products, enabling us to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding global market.


Today, after conquering and solidifying the undisputed leadership of the Portuguese market, S. Roque became the world leader in the field of textile printing, digital printing in textile and packaging. S. Roque manufactures an extensive catalogue of different products and works with customers / partners from around the world: world being present in the 5 continents: Spain, France, Italy, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Kuwait, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Haiti, Australia, Myanmar, Canada, etc.

In 2015 the S. Roque brand transformed itself in ROQ. In serving the needs of the 21st century, we recognized the need to create a global brand that can effectively communicate over 30 years of history, innovation, global service and creating solutions.

In 2016 the Digital division of ROQ was launched with great success. Launched the ROQ Hybrid. A machine that enables the combination of the advantages of screen printing with the advantages of digital printing.