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Starwin Screen Printers

Eswaramoorthy Satheeskumar of Tirupur´s Starwin Screen Printers, reveals his love for ROQ machines.   From a family business that started in agriculture, was in the 90s due to the lack of water, it led them to look for a new business. In 1994 that his father starts out in the sreen printing business. Today, the …

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“I would put my ROQ press up against ANY press from ANY company without hesitation.”   ROQ ECO P12 XL Client: Twin City Tees Location: St. Paul, Minnesota Twin City Tees started in 2005 a few years later we bought a Anatol™ 6/8 auto. Anatol™ as a company and in terms of service is without doubt the …

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ROQ YOU M 10 pallets, 8 colors + ROQ YOU XL 12 pallets, 10 colors Client: Tayco Screen Printing Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado For over 35 years, Tayco has been providing Colorado with their screen printing needs. In 2012, while contemplating purchasing a larger facility, they decided it was time to upgrade one of their automatics at the …

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ROQ YOU M 10 palets, 8 colors Client: FUG Location: Marshall, Michigan, Estados Unidos We started January 21, 2011. We printed everything on a Riley Hopkins® four station, six color press (which we love). We were receiving orders for 100-500 for local colleges and they usually gave us a five day notice and wanted to know if it …

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ROQ YOU XL sixteen station, fourteen color Client: Digital Threads Location: Ferndale, Whasington We started in 1998 as primarily a embroidery company. We started at first just doing contract work. It wasn’t long before we changed our focus to a sales company (working directly with the end customer) with inhouse embroidery. In early 2000s we expanded to …

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ROQ YOU XL twelve station, eight color Client: Texas Print Solutions Location: Irving, Texas Texas Print Solutions (formally Teamline) started printing as an all manual shop with M&R® presses. We decided to look into an automatic screen printing machine when we barely were able to print all the orders coming in this last summer. The orders were there, …

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 “Thank you guys for everything, looking forward to a long, and exciting relationship with you guys. —Jeramie Simpson”   ROQ You XL fourteen color and the M&R® fourteen color Sportsman Client: JAK’d Up Tees Location: Edmond, Oklahoma I am the owner of JAK’d Up Tees in Edmond, Oklahoma. We just purchased the SROQUE YOU M 6 Color, …

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  ROQ Eco XL & YOU XL Client: Forward Printing Location: San Francisco, California What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine? Our production manager had been following ROQ for a few years before they became readily available in the US, drooling over YouTube videos. Once …

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ROQ 6 color/8 station You Client: Bubbled Wall Location: Los Angeles County, California Bubbled Wall opened two years ago, and we were strictly a small manual shop out of the garage. Our first year was very successful, and towards the end of it we began turning down jobs as we could not keep up with the …

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ROQ 7 color 10 station Client: Shirt Bakery Location: Watertown, Connecticut What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine? Ryonet® being behind it was a big factor. Without the support from Ryan, Kurtis and Ron and the rest of the support team, we wouldn’t …

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