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FUG machine: ROQ YOU M 10 palets, 8 colors

  • Client: FUG
  • Location: Marshall, Michigan, Estados Unidos

We started January 21, 2011. We printed everything on a Riley Hopkins® four station, six color press (which we love). We at FUG were receiving orders for 100-500 for local colleges and they usually gave us a five day notice and wanted to know if it was possible to get it done. We never said no, but we realized that the other (smaller jobs) were piling up while we focused on that one job. Once the larger job was completed we were working over and rushing to get the small jobs out of the way! We looked at the cost of labor and extra hours compared to the cost of an automatic and decided that if we wanted to continue to take on large rush jobs, we would need to have a more efficient method of getting it done.

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine?

When we started looking for an automatic we honestly started on YouTube. We watched machines in action and listened to what others liked and dislike. The problem with the ROQ is that every video was in another language because it had not yet made its big push in the states yet. But just watching the machine in action, hearing the low sound levels and honestly the overall look of what we call the Big Green Printing machine!

Which machine did you decide on and why?

We went with the ROQ because it was the perfect machine for us to grow into that next step with. We looked at what kind of jobs we were taking on which were mostly one to three colors and figured it would be perfect to at least have one to three jobs all ready to go the day before and when we arrive in the morning one final test print and away we go. We were also looking to move into a new building and our goal was to have the machine in plain view of our customers and it was the perfect size, look and sound we wanted in that environment.

When you first got your new machine, what was the first thing you fell in love with?

The simplicity of the operation! We have the PRU registration system and when you add that in with the simple steps on the control panel needed to get going it was a big weight off of our back. The look too! It was great to know that not only do we have an automatic is the shop that is easy to use, quiet and productive, but it also had the look for marketing what we do!

How has ROQ changed your business or life?

We are able to take on the larger jobs and get them done in normal business hours without working everyone to death. Being a new company we were doing everything we had to do in order to satisfy the customer. They never had a clue how hard we worked to get it done and we never let them see us sweat! Now we offer that same satisfaction without killing ourselves in the process and it also allows us to go after that next level of customer (the large orders with the short deadlines).

Can you quantify your ROQ purchase in terms of money or time it has saved you or gained you?

Being new and just getting into that next level, we have a hard time putting current numbers to paper, but when we look at the future goals and plans it is very easy to see where we will achieve a huge return on the investment.

We now have some dead time because we are getting things done so quick which is finally allowing us to make a big push on our marketing plans knowing we can back it up now!

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ, what advice would you give them?

We have had zero issues with the machine. The installer, Kurtis, was top notch and truly cared about our future success and if your looking for something that is simple to learn, quiet and just looks bad a$$? Then this is the machine for you!

Testimony collected by: Ryonet

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