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  • Stacks automatically the folded pieces;
  • Full conveyor automatic stop;
  • Conveyor belt: 2300mm.


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Product Description

ROQSTACK the automatic stacker machine

The ROQSTACK machine stacks automatically the folded pieces of garment.

It works connected and synchronized with the ROQFOLD. It stacks the folded pieces of garments along the 2300mm of its conveyor belt.

From the digital control panel, that is on the ROQFOLD machine, it is very user-friendly as the software was developed to be used by anyone. The ROQSTACK is one of the fastest stack machines in the market, with a maximum production of 800 pieces/hour. If the conveyor belt is full the ROQFOLD will stop automatically.

This module will save you precious time and will make sure your work is presented in the right way. Always!


[A] length - mm (in) 2670 (105”)
[B] height - mm (in) 380 (15”)
[C] width - mm (in) 585 (23”)
machine weight - kg (lb) - kg (lb) 90 (198)
dimensions max. of the folded piece - mm (in) 450x450 (17.7x17.7”)
height max. of the stack - mm (in) 400(16”)
maximum output 800
-Power Supply: 220V, 3x220V, 3x400V at 50Hz or 60Hz.

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