Tayco Screen Printing machines: ROQ YOU M 10 pallets, 8 colors + ROQ YOU XL 12 pallets, 10 colors

  • Client: Tayco Screen Printing
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

For over 35 years, Tayco has been providing Colorado with their screen printing needs. In 2012, while contemplating purchasing a larger facility, they decided it was time to upgrade one of their automatics at the same time. The result was the purchase of the first ROQ Press that was brought over from Portugal for Ryonet®.

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine?

When we were ready to upgrade a press for our upcoming move, we heard about this “green machine” from Europe that we had to check out at SGIA. We went to Las Vegas, did our due diligence, and were extremely impressed with the engineering of the machine, and, it was nice to finally have a choice other than just another blue machine.

Which machine did you decide on and why?

Our original plan was to replace our eight color Gauntlett, so we purchased the YOU eight color, ten pallet. As it turned out, we replaced our ten color Challenger simply due to how things worked out with our move. So after putting out around 70,000 units on the press in about eight months, we sold the eight color ROQ and upgraded to a twelve pallet XL machine last October. We already have 45,000 prints off that machine in three months.

When you first got your new machine, what was the first thing you fell in love with?

Smooth! Quiet and Simple! They don’t even bolt these machines to the floor, they don’t need to be. It doesn’t hurt that they are such a pretty machine either!

Can you quantify your ROQ purchase in terms of money or time it has saved you or gained you?

We could talk about throughput, ease of use etc, but one simple thing is purely the print stroke. The print stroke on these, due to their engineering is so much larger than a comparable configuration from M&R®. Having that stroke is a huge advantage.

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ, what advice would you give them?

I have already been asked that question by a few other printers. And three of them already have ROQ’s! The machines speak for themselves, just look at two identical prints, one done on the ROQ, and one on another press. The product shows the difference every time!

Testimony collected by: Ryonet

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