ROQ 6 color/8 station You

  • Client: Bubbled Wall
  • Location: Los Angeles County, California

Bubbled Wall opened two years ago, and we were strictly a small manual shop out of the garage. Our first year was very successful, and towards the end of it we began turning down jobs as we could not keep up with the deadline demands as a small shop. It was time to get automated and grow our capabilities.

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a Green Machine?

ROQ has done everything right… From brilliant engineering that keeps the owner and end user in mind for maintaining the machines to it’s top down approach to printing = fast and quiet! It doesn’t hurt that Bubbled Wall Blue/Black goes well with ROQ Green/White! 😉

Which machine did you decide on and why?

Bubbled wall purchased the 6 color/8 station You as well as the infradryer to start our expansion.

When you first got your new machine, what was the first thing you fell in love with?

Bubbled Wall loves the quiet run of a ROQ, can’t say enough about working in a shop that you can carry on a conversation while working as well as hear when you leave work for the day!

Can you quantify your ROQ purchase in terms of money or time it has saved you or gained you?

No, sorry… Haven’t gotten in enough apparel orders in the last year to show a positive response here… As discussed with Mark, but still love love love our ROQ!

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ, what advice would you give them?

Stop thinking, and just GO GREEN! It will be the smartest decision you will ever for your shop! Bubbled Wall was a manual shop looking to expand with an auto, and our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Ryonet® had just solidified their deal with ROQ and Mark Berryman let me know I should take a look at some links to make my final decision… I was intrigued, and knew expanding with ROQ would be the smartest thing to do!

Testimony collected by: Ryonet

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