Eswaramoorthy Satheeskumar of Tirupur´s Starwin Screen Printers, reveals his love for ROQ machines.


From a family business that started in agriculture, was in the 90s due to the lack of water, it led them to look for a new business. In 1994 that his father starts out in the sreen printing business.

Today, the company produces over 25.000 prints every day, and an average of 6.000.000 pieces a month.

Starwin has 5 ROQ screen printing machines. Three o these are 12 colours machines, and one each of 14 and 16 colours. It also has several electric dryers and flash cure machines.

This love for ROQ machines, started in 2010 in a visit to a international exhibition.

“Besides high quality of output I loved the user interface.. ROQ machine is really user friendly, In areas where you have a dearth of qualified technicians, this becomes a key deciding factor.
The other reason has been the excellent customer service. A company which understand the value of customer always invests in customer after sales service…” says Eswaramoorthy Satheeskumar.


Testimony collected by: ScreenTex


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