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ROQprint RUN
ROQprint RUNROQprint RUNROQprint RUNROQprint RUNROQprint RUNDR7A3731_consola


  • Aluminum honeycomb pallets;
  • Squeegees with electric movement with AC variator;
  • Independent control panel on all print heads;
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: ”U” clamp or pin system;
  • Print heads independent elevation;
  • AC servo-motor rotation system;
  • Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning;
  • Central control panel with polycromatic LCD touch screen (10 inches);
  • Micro registration screen system with vernier scale;
  • Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length;
  • Placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head.


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Product Description

ROQprint OVAL RUN is the perfect machine for industrial printing.

This new automatic oval screen-printing machine is optimized to be highly efficient.

ROQ is always on the lookout for new opportunities. Lately in the market there is a new type of need. To cater for this need, ROQ had to create a new automatic oval screen-printing machine. ROQ portfolio on oval screen-printing machines is solid. Two platforms, the Oval Pro and the Oval Evolution. Each of these is the leader in its segment of market but a new segment is now available. There is a need for an industrial oval screen-printing machine that is budget friendly but at the same time with the traditional print quality that ROQ always delivers. This came as a challenge for the engineering department of ROQ.
There are 35 years of engineering combined into this oval machine. From this amass of experience the ROQprint RUN was created.

To be able to create a professional automatic oval screen-printing machine, capable of creating perfect prints, with a friendly budget the philosophy of construction needed to be different. The methods of construction are the same, the materials are the same, the basic functions are the same. There are differences. Both the Oval Pro and the Oval Evolution allow for any configuration. This is not possible on the ROQprint Oval RUN. The configuration is fixed. After each print-head there are 2 open spaces that can be used for drying, foil or flock. This trait of the ROQprint Oval RUN allows for the price to be extremely competitive without compromising the quality of the machine or the work.

In the year 2000 ROQ was able to reinvent the automatic oval screen-printing machine. The ROQprint Oval RUN outputs 750 pieces per hour and is available for any part of the world.

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  • Laser Markers;
  • Power and Control Connections for Flash are built into the machine base;
  • Flash Cure units;
  • Compatible with ROQ FLOCK;
  • Compatible with ROQ FOIL;
  • Skip Function;


ROQ DRY RUN 3000 S 9000 M 14400 XL 18000 XL+ 20400 2XL 25500 3XL
Lenght (mm/feet) A 1291 / 4.24”
Height (mm/feet) B 1220 / 4.00”
Width (mm/feet) C 625 / 2.05”
Drying area (mm/inch) D x F 200x200 / 8”x8” 400x500 / 16”x20” 500x700 / 20”x28” 600x800 / 24”x28” 700x1000 / 28”x39” 800x1100 / 21”x43”
Hood size (mm/inch) 615x786 / 24.2”x30.9”
Power supply (VAC) 1x230|3x230|3x400
Max. Consumption (kVA) 3 9 14.4 18 20.4 25.5
Power/area (W/cm²) 7.14 5 4.11 3.7 2.91 2.89
Lamps 6x500W 9x1000W 12x12000W 15x1200W 24x850W 30x850W
Plug (32A or 63A) 32 (400V) 32 (400V) | 63 (230V)

* only three sizes available
** one squeegee with flooding
*** consumption of each printhead 6l/min. | 212cfm in 14 pieces/min.
**** these values exclude the consumption with flash-curing, they should be calculated separately, taking into account the number and model of the flash cure on the machine.
– Power Supply: 220V, 3x220V, 3x400V – 50Hz or 60Hz.