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ROQ Flash – ROQdry MOBY


ROQ Flash – ROQdry MOBY

The ROQ Flash – ROQdry MOBY is a unit created specifically to deal with large areas in an economical way. The maximum drying area is 1020 x 1404 (mm) / 40” x 55” (inch). However due to the motorized system it uses a lot less bulbs than it is usually used to dry such a big area. On the MOBY you can regulate digitally the time, drying area and temperature.


  • Infrared non-contact temperature probe (optional).
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Product Description

  • Digital control panel to regulate the time, the temperature and the area of drying;
  • Heat transmission by convection and radiation;
  • Suitable for larger drying areas.


ROQdry MOBY Technical Image

ROQdry MOBY 20250 4XL
Drying area (mm/inch) 1020x304 / 40"x12" + 1100 / 43"
Power supply (VAC) 3x230 | 3x400
Maximum Consumption (kVA) 20.25
Plug (32A or 63A) 32 (400V) | 63 (230V)
Total Lenght (mm/feet) 1700 / 5.6’
Total Height (mm/feet) 1400 / 4.6’
Total Widht (mm/feet) 1125 / 3.7'

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