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  • Compatible with any automatic screenpriting machine
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable flow in each humidifier
  • Reduced air consumption – multiplier flowrate system
  • Maximum consumption by humidifier (0,6 l/h)
  • Level sensor (Alarm for low water levels)
  • Equipped with a water treatment system (UV desinfection and sediments filter)
  • Tank capacity: 22 liters
  • Can be connected to the watter supply directly
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Product Description

ROQfog for water based screen printing

The ROQ machines where already the best automatic screen printing machines in the world to print with water based inks due to its patented angular print head lifting system and the individual off contacts. Still we always find space for improvement and that is why we present to you the ROQfog.

The ROQfog is a module that can be attached to any automatic screen printing machine. Its function is to keep the water based inks moisturized. By spreading a mist over the screens it avoids the drying of the water based inks on the screen resulting in drastic improvements in productivity. The need to unclog the screens drops drastically and this means less stops of the machine leading directly to a higher productivity. Also the viscosity of the ink will stay the same meaning that you will achieve a greater quality in the job as a whole.

The ROQfog was presented in Cologne, Germany during the FESPA 2015. We did a 3 color job, plus 2 flock colors and 2 foil colors with water based inks. Our ROQprint Oval Evolution ran for 8 hours a day without the need to clean/unclog any screen due to the direct action of the ROQfog. On normal conditions even with our top notch technology after 2 to 3 hours the screens would need to be cleaned.

The new generation of the ROQfog system allows for a direct connection to the water system of your shop meaning that you just need to turn them one and with the help of a telescopic arm, position them correctly. The running costs are extremely low.

With a residual running costs and low to none maintenance, with ROQfog, just add water to add value to your water based screen printing! You just can’t miss it!