1 – Screenprintign with ROQ using water based inks is more efficient!



The first and the most important variable to control is the contact between the screen and the pallet. All of the ROQprint automatic screenprinting machines have individual adjustable off-contact. This allows to configure the height of the screen in each printhead so that the screen gets out of contact with the pallet as soon as the squeegee passes. Reducing the time and area of contact it reduces the heat transfer between the pallets and the screens. The smaller is the heat transfer the less water evaporates from the screens.


2 – ROQfog the game changer for water based inks

roqfogThe other way to avoid the drying is to keep high humidity levels on the screen. ROQ presented in the 2015 FESPA the innovative ROQfog. A system designed to spray a continuous mist on top of the screens that avoids the evaporation of the water from the water based inks.

We are proud to share  that during FESPA we had our ROQprint Oval Evolution running with water based inks for several hours without the need to clean the screens, with no peelings, only good production. We did a 3 color, plus 2 flock, plus 2 foil job. On normal conditions even with our top notch technology after 2 to 3 hours the screens would need to be cleaned. This huge improvement is a direct consequence of the ROQfog.

The ultimate advantage that we present, and again it is a ROQ exclusive, is that in our models ROQprint ECO and ROQprint Oval Evolution we have independent elevation for each printhead. This means that if one print head needs to make one stroke and the next one needs to make three strokes, the first head will only be in contact with the hot pallet one third of the time thus reducing the heat transfer.

With these engineering solutions we were able to make the work with water based inks a walk in the park, and we did it by innovating and creating the solutions that the market was looking for.

With ROQfog, just add water!

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