As it is already a tradition ROQ will be attending the FESPA 2017. And we are going to put up a show like never before!!

We will bring our latest technology to FESPA 2017 in Hamburg, Germany from the 8th up to the 12th of May. The biggest tradeshow of the year will have our best stand of the year! Our stand  D 80 is in Hall 6.

The full range of our printing solutions will be at FESPA 2017. We say printing and not screen printing because we will do the debut in a trade show of our new ROQ Hybrid.

For those who don’t know yet the ROQ Hybrid, it is a digital textile printer, a direct to garment (DTG). The ROQ Hybrid was designed to work in conjunction with an automatic screen printing machine. This allows any printer to take the best out of digital and screen printing at the same time and mixing both technics. You can find all about the ROQ Hybrid here:

The ROQ Hybrid will be working attached to the new ROQ ECO XL with 18 pallets and 10 print heads. This ECO will debut the new automation system at a tradeshow. Here we will be able to demonstrate how you can mix the digital printing with screen printing technics by embellishing the print in a new way. This is the second announcement of a debut in FESPA 2017 but are not stopping here!

We will also bring an Oval Evolution with 20 pallets and 10 print heads. With the Oval Evolution we will show our ROQpress foil, ROQpress Iron, ROQ flock, ROQ Asp and ROQ cool. ROQpress Foil applies foil, ROQpress Iron irons the textile for better textures, ROQ Flock applies flock, ROQ Asp vacuums the excess flock and ROQ cool lowers the pallet temperature. All the tools you need to make exceptional works of art in screen printing.

And the last product that we will debut at FESPA 2017 will be our brand new Computer to Screen (CTS). It is not the right time to disclosure details about this machine but it will surprise you. The best thing for you to do is to come and visit our stand in the FESPA 2017 and see it by yourself.

As always we will have our full team present plus the teams of most agents worldwide so that we are able to advise you and present you all the new tech that will boost your business!

If you need a badge to entry FESPA 2017, please register in this link for free:

Written by ROQ