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Located in the heart of the “Vale do Ave” region (Ave valley), S. Roque – Máquinas e Tecnologia Laser, S.A. operates in its own facilities with a covered area of approximately 398.000 sq. ft. The company was an experienced and successful SME and was distinguished by IAPMEI (The Portuguese Institute for Small and Medium Companies) as “Leader SME” and “SME of Excellence” for five years in a row. With the growth, the company is no longer considered a SME and cannot be awarded by IAPMEI.

National leader in its field of activity ‑ manufacture of machinery and equipment for textile printing, digital textile printing and packaging - currently employs over 430 people distributed among its different departments.

With functional facilities and qualified and experienced professionals, S. Roque has the most advanced tools and technologies in the area of engineering, design and product development. The manufactured equipment is of its own design, developed by a highly specialized technical department to match any project specifications and aiming to qualitatively meet the demands of any partner.

Today, after conquering and solidifying the undisputed leadership of the Portuguese market, S. Roque became world leaders in the field of textile printing, digital textile printing and packaging. S. Roque manufactures an extensive catalogue of different products and works with customers / partners from around the world being present in the 5 continents: Spain, France, Italy, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Kuwait, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Haiti, Australia, Myanmar, Canada, etc.